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Augustus Caesar
Eddie Nevarez
H.S.S 7.1
Building Background
• Born in 63 B.C and died in 14 A.D.
• Was a an adult when adopted by his
great uncle Julius Caesar and got the
name Augustus Caesar.
• Augustus’s previous name was Gaius
Octavian Thurinus he got his current name
name when he became the first emperor
of Rome in 27 B.C
First Roman Emperor
• Ruled an empire that spread from
Spain to Judea.
• Turned the Mediterranean Sea into a
peaceful place.
• Took in nephew from Spain because he
didn’t have an heir and was named Gaius
Julius Caesar Octavianus
During His Rule
• Vanquished opponents in a long series of
wars between 49-45 BC
• Caesar did little to address the underlying
ills of the Republic
• His concerns were focused on the defeat
in the field of his political opponents
• During these years, he was awarded
consulship and dictatorship
The Liberators
• The Liberators, who were led by L.Cassius
Longinus and M. Junius Brutus held public
meetings in the Forum, but the reaction of
people were at best.
• M. Junius Brutus and L.Cassius Longinus were
involved in the assassination of his great uncle
• The Senate on March 17, inferred legitimacy for
the Liberators act of tyrannicide
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