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Octavian Augustus
History of Augustus
Augustus was born in Gaius Octavius
Thurinus, Rome on September 23, 63 BC.
His father, Gaius Octavius, was the
governor of Macedonia. His mother came
from a renowned family and was the niece
of Julius Caesar.
Octavian grew up in the village of Velletri,
Rome. His father died when he was four
years old. His mother got remarried, but he
was sent to his grandmother, Julia
Caesaris where he was raised there.
As he grows up to become a man,
Augustus got involved in politics.
After decay had passed, he was capable of
joining Caesar. Caesar was contented with
him and, as he had no son of his own.
Julius Caesur made Octavian his son
nephew so they could rule the Roman
Augustus Empire
Augutus Belief System
• Augustus Caesar
worshiped the Roman
state gods. He also
established a ministry for
his adopted father Julius
Caesar.However his
personal god was Apollo
and he built temples to
worship him as the most
important one being near
the site of his victory at
Augustus Economy
• Augustus improved the Roman economy
by the cosmic influx of cash he brought
into the treasury by his conquest of
• Interests rates to drop dramatically and
businesses were able to flourish.
• He numerous building projects also
generated jobs.
• Peaceful conditions the roads relatively
safe for travel and trading rates.