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Organ Challenge!
In a pair, or trio, draw around the outline of one person using a BLACK pen onto paper.
Draw and cut out the organs from different coloured paper as stated below.
Questions to think about:
- What size does your group think each organ is?
- Where does your group think each organ is found in the body?
Digestive System: Oesophagus, Stomach, Small intestines, Large intestines
Respiratory System: Windpipe, Lungs
Circulatory System: Heart
Excretory System: Kidneys and Bladder
Nervous System: Brain, Eyes, Ears, Nose
Extra: Liver, Gall bladder, Pancreas
Organ Challenge!
Once you have got all the organs stuck on your body try to match
it’s function…
Pumps blood around the body.
Absorbs nutrients from
digested food.
Brings oxygen into the body
and removes carbon dioxide.
Controls all body movements,
thinks and stores memories.
Cleans the blood and helps
control water levels.
Stores urine until it can be
removed from the body.
Absorbs extra water from
Produces insulin.
Produces bile and filters
Stores bile until it is needed.
Breaks down food using acid.