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1991-L-insectogram; M-tetrahedron; R-key design
1994-L-scorpion design; R-spider design. Composed of interlocking crescents
and circles
1999-L and M-two Mayan designs that overlay perfectly; R-compass
marking the Aztec ceremonial dance
2000-magnetic grid
2001-Can you see the faces?
2005-simple circles to complex
Mayan hieroglyphs and everything in
History of Crop Circles
1972–First modern crop circle
1980-when crop circles first caught public attention
Alien Theory
• UFO Landings or their
energy beams cause
crop circles
• Communication/Strands
of their DNA
• 1974 Arecibo Message
• Hard to believe aliens
would come to earth to
make designs in fields
Vortex Theory
• Crop circles created by localized pockets
of ionized whirlwinds
• Point to abnormalities such as swelling of
node size and burn marks
• 95% of all crop circles formed by these ion
plasma vortexes
• Have photographs and a video as proof
• Researchers don’t use the double blind
• Don’t take into count other factors such as hot
sun beating down on compressed moist plants
• Photographs of balls of light can be particles
reflecting light, insects, fraud or camera
• Video showed what appeared to be a vortex in
action but was actually the wrist strap of the