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By: Maxie Saxton and Eric Kramer
Fort Sumter was originally built to
protect Charleston Harbor.
Date: April 12, 1861-April 14, 1861
Location: Charleston Harbor
Victorious Army: Confederate
Union Army: Major Robert Anderson, 80 soldiers
Confederate Army: Brig. General G.T. Beauregard, 500
Importance: This was the battle that sparked the Civil War.
It led to the secession of the remaining Southern states.
Details: The Union army was garrisoned in Ft. Sumter. The
Confederate army fired upon the fort from Cummings Point
and Sullivan Island. The Confederates surrounded the fort
completely. A Union ship tried to take supplies like food
and ammunition to the army, but the Confederate soldiers
would not let it through. Lack of food and weapons was
what led to the surrender by the Union.
This battle was started because of a disagreement between General Anderson and the
governor of South Carolina. On the night of December 26, 1860, General Anderson
moved his troops out of Fort Moultrie and in to Fort Sumter. The next day, the governor
of South Carolina sent Colonel Pettigrew out to talk to General Anderson. The governor
wanted to know why General Anderson had moved out of Fort Moultrie. Anderson
replied that since he was in command of all forts in Charleston Harbor, he had every
right to simply move his troops. Pettigrew said that the Governor Pickens had thought
that there was an agreement between the previous governor and the president of the
United States that all land in South Carolina was to remain in the state’s possession and
all status in the harbor was to remain as it was. No troops could be moved and no
reinforcements could be sent in. Pettigrew then asked Anderson, on the governor’s
behalf, to move back to Fort Moultrie. When Anderson refused, Pettigrew promptly left.
That day, Union flags were flown above Fort Sumter. Over the months, both sides began
to prepare for battle. On April 10, Confederate General Beauregard ordered surrender
of the fort. Anderson refused, so the battle began. The Union soldiers were greatly
outnumbered in both men and weapons. Furthermore, the Confederate Army blocked
off all entrances to the fort, so no Union ships could get in the harbor. Due to lack of
food, arms and other supplies, General Anderson surrendered Fort Sumter on April 13.
Evacuation of the fort took place on April 14. The Confederate Army won Ft. Sumter
and started the Civil War.
•Both armies reached the fort and surrounding area by boat
•This battle led to the secession of the remaining Southern
•There were no casualties during battle. However, during
evacuation of Ft. Sumter, one cannon exploded before a
final salute. This caused the death of one man and injury of