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Modern C++ in
Practical experience of
C++ best practices, idioms and details
Design patterns in C++
Generic, functional and template programming
Using boost and STL
Utilize APIs, books and mailing lists
Coherent coding style and get to know each other
Why bother with details?
More than 20 years old
Backwards compatible with C
Lots of mistakes in both language and library
Very complex
Powerful features
Well spread
Vivid community
Rapidly developing
Polymorphism in C++
Virtual keyword
Function pointers
Function overloading
Implicit type conversion
Policy classes
Argument dependent lookup (ADL)
Partial template specialization
C++ programming
Object oriented programming
Generic programming
Functional programming
Template metaprogramming
Blend these paradigms to acheive code that is
• Simple and easily read
• Decoupled and testable
• Robust to change
• Reusable
Very unclear
Start today and see how it evolves
Think about:
• What you want to learn?
• Should we add or remove goals?
Discuss slots n’ signals relation to bind and function
My observable class
Pair-wise design of a toy problem
Discuss design differences
Toy problem: Cat n’ Rat
Design logical interfaces and concepts for a simple game
2D discrete coordinate world
Contains cats, rats, cheese and obstacles
Move events appear for cats and rats
Collision detection, not handling
Toy problem: Focus
Focus the design on
• Low coupling, high cohesion
• Robustness to future changes
• Event driven information flow
When working try to
• Use boost and STL
• Push error checking towards compile and link time
• Write generic code when it doesn’t complicate design
Future suggestions
Implement logical model
Design and maybe implement:
Text view
Collision handling
Simple client/server
Extend game functionality
Implement message distributor