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The musical history is wide enough and various. Generations were replaced,
on change by one musicians others came, tools were improved and
became complicated. Music varied also. In due course music any more
only intended for entertainment, as variety, or for pleasure, as classics. New
currents deduced music on absolutely other level where the melody
became philosophy. In conformity with music even the youth subcultures
chosen certain type or style in music world have started to be created.
Besides now music began to be differentiated already strictly. There was the
most preferable music for secular actions, for exhibitions and presentations.
Absolutely other music served as accompaniment in club institutions or on
youth parties. The big attention recently is given development to club
music. It is possible to tell, that origin of club music of steel of performance
of various actors at restaurants and other institutions where people came to
have a rest or eat. For this purpose was a simple tooling and the vocalist
which would sing songs before restaurant public enough. All this worked on
popularity of restaurant or other institution.
house music
(English house music) - the genre of the electronic
music which have arisen in the beginning of the
eightieth years in the American city Chicago. It is
considered, that the first track was written by the
Negro DJ Jesse Saunders per 1984.
From the most occurrence a house music drew to
itself the most ultramodern legislators of a fashion
As to an origin of the name of this style under the
most widespread version the House has received the
name from Chicago club Warehouse.
The cores under styles house music are: electro
house, dream house, deep
DJ - person playing for an audience
pieces of music written down on sound
DJ BAZUKA - First girl DJ in the world. The
producer, the executor, the composer of
explosive electronic music
DJ BAZUKA in the creativity represents a
new kind of club art, being the ingenious
creator of each of these components
and creating in club explosive