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Other famous Corelli’s
This exposition will be about famous
people whose surname was also Corelli,
like Captain Corelli
 It will briefly outline their lives and
major achievements and will explore
their links to the book or its characters,
if any
The Corelli’s
The exposition will analyse the following
• Arcangelo Corelli - composer
• Franco Corelli - tenor
Arcangelo Corelli(1653-1713)
Born in Fusignano,
Italian composer and
His style of playing
became the basis for
the violin technique of
the 18th and 19th
Arcangelo Corelli(1653-1713)
He was the most
widely published and
reprinted composer
before the Austrian
Joseph Haydn
He was the first
composer to gain an
reputation solely on
the basis of his
instrumental music
Corelli to Corelli
The obvious link between this Corelli
and the book is that he developed and
played instruments very much like the
mandolin, string instruments.
 He was a composer, just like Captain
Corelli is in the book and they both had
talent composing
Franco Corelli
Franco Corelli was
born in Ancona, Italy,
on 8 April
Well known Italian
Franco Corelli has
sung in major houses
throughout the world
and recital halls as
Franco Corelli
In 1951 he won the
Maggio Musicale
competition in Florence
He made his debut at
Spoleto in 1951 singing
Don Jose in "Carmen"
“Giulietta e Romeo”,"La
vestale”, "Tosca”, "Il
Trovatore" are some of
his performances until
Corelli to Corelli
There is not much in common between
Franco Corelli and Captain Corelli
 The link between them is that they both
perform music, either vocal or
 With respect to their characters, Franco
Corelli was a very reserved person so
no comparison is possible
Most of the information for this presentation was
taken from:
Encarta Encyclopaedia
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