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Water transport in plants
Lesson objectives:1) Be able to describe how water moves through a plant
2) Be able to name some structures relating to water
Okay to start off with lets recap. What is the word equation
for photosynthesis?
light energy
Where about in the plants environment do they collect the
water from?
From the soil
So how does the water get from the soil
into the root?
The root hair is in fact not a hair like on your head, but it is an
extension of the root cell.
The root hair increases the surface area of the cell, this
means that more water can be absorbed by the plant.
From the root the water passes
into special transport vessels
called the xylem
Xylem Vessels
The xylem vessels are found from
the tip of the root all the way up
the stem to the leaves of any
They are quite large and carry
nothing but water around the
They are also responsible for
helping to keep plants nice and
upright, instead of being wilted.
The importance of water
+ H 2O
Okay but how does the water get up to
the leaves?
Water is lost at the top of the
plant through the stomata
This water loss sucks up water
from lower down in the plant
This then pulls water from the soil
into the roots
The water loss from the stomata is
why rainforests are so humid.