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World War One
Propaganda Posters
> Definition: information, ideas, or rumours deliberately
spread widely to help or harm a person, group,
movement, nation, etc.
• Propaganda was used by all nations during WW1 to
persuade people to support the war.
• Propaganda appeared in a variety of media: films,
magazines articles, radio programs, political
speeches and posters.
• WW1 propaganda was very nationalist in nature.
• WW1 propaganda was often very racist!
Examples: Join the army, buy savings bonds, use less
fuel, eat less meat, and support the government in
whatever way necessary.
Some things to think about…
• Propaganda is not fact
• Propaganda is meant to provoke a reaction in the
• Propaganda is designed to emphasize emotion
over rational thinking
• Propaganda is created to manipulate the audience
to act in a way that’s beneficial to those who are
dispersing it
• Propaganda still exists today!
Canadian Propaganda
Great Britain
“Attack on all fronts!”
“Big Guns of the Home Front”
(Enemy at the gates!)
“Woman do their part”
“The European thieves are caught red-handed”
“I wish to be Napoleon.” > “Well, we will help”
“The enemy of the human race”
United States
Current Day Propaganda
WWI Propaganda Poster Assignment
* Propaganda is the spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an
opposing cause. Propaganda often includes outright lies or distortions of
the truth in order to promote ideas. In addition, propaganda often appeals
to people’s emotions. Usually, propaganda posters have an obvious
meaning and/or message. During WWI, both sides waged a propaganda
* Individually, you are going to create a propaganda poster and write a 1 page
explanation (2-3 paragraphs) of how the poster meets the requirements
for propaganda.
You can choose from one of the following ideas to create your poster, or you
can create your own idea:
1. To encourage men to enlist.
2. To encourage women to become nurses overseas.
3. To convince people to support the war efforts financially.
4. To encourage people to preserve food and war supplies.
5. To encourage wartime production.
* The WWI poster should be presented on an A3 piece
of paper supplied by the teacher. Make sure to use a
clear slogan to get your message across. Also, make
sure to use easily recognizable symbols to emphasize
your point. Your poster should be convincing.
* On a separate sheet of paper write a 1pg. explanation
about the poster. The explanation should include the
answers to the following questions:
What are the main ideas of your topic?
What is the main idea of the poster?
What do the symbols used in the poster represent?
How does this poster qualify as propaganda?
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Tsar Nicholas II