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Moses Maimonides
Maimonides (1135-1204)
An Apophatic Theologian
No predicate is
adequate to
express the
nature of God.
Acquired Immortality
This knowledge of
God not only
confers on the soul
that perfection in
which human
happiness consists,
but also endows the
soul with immortality.
Human Essence
What distinguishes
anyone from anyone
else is not some
inherent quality, but
the quality and
quantity of what they
Jews and Gentiles
Since all human
beings will devote
themselves to the
pursuit of the
knowledge of God in
the messianic era,
that which
Gentiles from Jews
will disappear.
13 Principles
Judaism holds
belief in these
principles to be
The last goal is
service. The
truly holy lead
lives of service.