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By Jason
Egypt is located on the North Eastern
coast of Africa.
It’s beside the Nile river where they get
all their water.
If it wasn’t for the Nile river, there would
be no such thing as Egypt.
Their transport was camels and bare
The camels were sometimes only used
to carry luggage.
The Pyramids
The pyramids were built to hold
tombs for their royal kings and
Cities were bulit around the
pyramids while the pyramids were
under construction. These were
called pyramid cities.
It took 50 years to construct the
Great pyramid of Giza.
1. Egyptian society had a social
hierarchy, with the pharaoh at the
very top.
2. The vizier was the second most
powerful official.He was the
pharaoh’s most trusted advisor.
3. in Egyptian society were related to
the pharaoh, priests, scribes,
doctors, lawyers, or important
military personnel.
4. Only scribes and preists were
taught how to read and write.
5. Skilled craftsman.
6. At the bottom of the pyramid was
unskilled workers, peasants and
The Egyptians created a lot of
things. One of them was papyrus.
Papyrus was made from the
Papyrus plant.
It was used for writing
hieroglyphics, boats, mattresses,
mats, rope, sandals, and baskets.
The Egyptians didn't build
roads to travel around their
empire. They didn't need to.
Nature had already built
them a superhighway right
through the middle of their
That highway was the River
Nile .
The Sphinx is a huge
statue in Giza.
It has the body of a lion
and the head of a human.
There is legends that
travellers have been eaten
by the Sphinx.
Tutankhamun is the worlds
most famous pharaoh.
He became pharaoh at the
age of 9 and died at the age of
His tomb was filled with
thousands of treasures.
Howard Carter found his tomb
after searching for 6 years.