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Submitted By:
Adrienne Hardwig
Madison Tyner
Katie Albon
•Anatomical Location: deep in the brain
and inferior to the hypothalamus
•Body System: Endocrine System
•Basic Function: to control hormone functions such as our
temperature, thyroid activity, growth during childhood, urine
production, testosterone production in males and ovulation and
estrogen production in females.
•Gastrointestinal tract
•Accessory digestive organs
•Anatomical Location: anterior, deep in thoracic and abdominal cavities
•Body System: Digestive System
•Basic function: to break down food we eat into smaller parts so the
body can use them to build and nourish cells and provide energy
• Anatomical Location: lateral to the nose, and deep in the ear
• Body System: Vestibular System
• Basic function: to serve as the bodies balance organ
•Two Upper Cavities
•Right Atria
• Left Atria
•Two Lower Cavities
•Right Ventricle
•Left Ventricle
• Anatomical Location: lies inferior to the head, and deep in
the chest
• Body System: Cardiovascular System
• Basic Function: to pump blood to various parts of the body
• Anatomical Location: superior to the heart, and deep in the spinal
• Body System: Nervous System
• Basic Function: to coordinate the lower back muscles, thighs, legs,
calves, and feet
• Anatomical Location: posterior and deep in the eye
• Body System: Muscular System
• Basic Function: to provide movement for your eye
•Anatomical Position: inferior to the knee and deep in the foot
•Body system: Skeletal System
•Basic Function: to move the ankle and attach the ankle to the foot
•Anatomical Location: inferior and distal to the shoulder
•Body System: Skeletal System
•Basic Function: to move the wrist and hand
•Anatomical Location: inferior, and anterior to the head
•Body System: Endocrine System
•Basic Function: to secrete hormones directly into the blood stream
•Anatomical Location: distal to the shoulder and inferior to the head
•Body System: Skeletal System
•Basic Function: to rotate the forearm
11: (in.) Length of the Kidney
•Anatomical Location: deep in your trunk, inferior to your head
•Body System: Excretory System
•Basic Function: to regulate the bodies fluid volume, mineral composition, and acidity
by excreting and reabsorbing water and inorganic electrolytes
•Anatomical Location: superior to the trunk and deep in the brain
•Body System: Nervous System
•Basic Function: to act as sensory and motor pathways to different parts of the body
The systems represented in our presentation are:
•Endocrine System
•Digestive System
•Vestibular System
•Cardiovascular System
•Nervous System
•Muscular System
•Skeletal System
•Excretory System
Other unique facts about our presentation:
•Nine of our structures lie deep
•Three are bones
•Two are nerves