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The Globe Theatre
1599 the theater was built
Shakespeare was one of ___ owners
Could hold 2500-3000 people
The stage was always bare (no scenery)
Costumes and _____were elaborate
• The Globe did not have a ____ over the
central yard.
• The cheapest way to see a play was as a
__________ standing in the central yard. It
would cost you one _______.
• One penny was about a days wage for
shepherds or unskilled laborers.
• Galleries formed a “U” shape in front of the
stage with the central yard in the middle.
• The galleries had seats and a roof
• A seat cost 2 pennies, if you wanted a
straw cushion for the seat you paid 3
• The stage was a _______ stage
• All parts were played by _______
• A woman acting in a play would have
been shameless and a serious breach
of social custom
• Actors sometimes wore _________
• Theater burned down when a
cannon was fired during a play and
hit the roof
• When entering a production you
receive a _____________.
• The cost of ________ today are
usually over $50 for balcony seats.
• Shakespeare would be making over
_______ a week today in _________.
Unit Essential Questions:
• Why are we still reading
Shakespeare’s plays today?
• In what ways did the Elizabethan
time period affect Shakespeare's