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Invisible Theatre
Invisible Theatre
 Form of theatrical performance taking place in a location and
at a time most people would not expect to see a performance
 Examples: in a train car; at the mall; in a classroom
 Developed in the 1970’s
 Addresses social issues
 Invisible theatre gives people who might not normally see
theatre a chance to participate in and view a performance
 Performed without the knowledge of the audience
 Audience is comprised of anyone that happens to be in the
area or walks by
Invisible Theatre
 Goal is to bring attention to a social issue
 Actors hope that the audience will discuss and/or debate the
 Invisible theatre is used to:
 Help actors make a point publicly
 Help actors gain a sense of what a realistic reaction might be
 Actors try to get the audience involved in the scene
 Place yourselves in groups of 6
 Each of you will be given a copy of a reading with examples
of Invisible Theatre
 I will assign each group a number and you will review that
case and summarize it for the class
Script Writing
 Invisible Theatre does involves scripts
 Included in the script:
 Actors included
 Objective
 Necessary Materials
 Sequence of Events
 Potential Problems
 Troubleshooting
 Create and perform Invisible Theatre
 Working by yourself you will develop an Invisible Theatre
concept and then perform it
 Topic must be approved by Forrest BEFORE you begin script
 Write script that includes: title, objective, name and contact
information of a responsible adult (signature of adult
required as well), list of actors, necessary materials, script
out the performance, possible problems, and troubleshooting
 Forrest must sign off on your script before you may begin
 You will need to make detailed records about responses (who
said something, what did they say, what actions were taken,
et cetera)
 Invisible Theatre performance should be completed by
November 19th
 Your script, reflection and a BRIEF presentation will occur
on Nov 20th during class
 Reflection details will be given out on Friday during class
Assignment Guidelines
 No school policies may be violated at any times
 It is preferred that your performance take place on school grounds
but this may be waived after a discussion with Forrest
You may not cause harm to any people – mental, physical,
emotional, or otherwise
Your topic AND script have to be approved by Forrest; your script
also needs to be approved by the adult involved in your Invisible
Theatre (examples: teacher, administrator, parent, et cetera)
Any adult involved in your performance may stop the
performance if they feel the situation is getting out of control
You may not use students outside of the class to perform your
Invisible Theatre but you may use other students in the class if