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By: Krystal Carpenter
Things to talk about today
Planets in order from the Sun
 The Sun
 The Moon
The Planets of our Solar System
 Venus
 Earth
 Mars
The Planets of our Solar System
 Saturn
 Uranus
 Neptune
 Pluto
A Good Way to Remember the
Planets in Order:
My (Mercury)
 Very (Venus)
 Educated (Earth)
 Mother (Mars)
 Just (Jupiter)
 Showed (Saturn)
 Us (Uranus)
 Nine Planets (Neptune) (Pluto)
The Sun of our Solar System
The sun provides warmth to the Earth.
 The sun provides nourishment to the
plants of the Earth.
 Without the sun nothing on any planet
would survive.
The Moon
The moon has less gravity than the Earth.
 The moon revolves around the Earth.
 The moon is made up of a rocky surface
and has no known living creatures.
 Without the moon, our ocean would not
have the tides that it has today.
Astronomy Picture of the
Astronomy Picture of the Day
NASA website
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