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The sun is one of the biggest stars.
 The amount of energy given off by the sun
in one second is 35 million times the
amount of energy used in the U.S. in a
 The sun can give energy off to a plant so
the plant can make food .This is called
Laika a Russian dog was the first dog in
 Rockets have existed for about 1,000
 Supernova 1987a was named for the year
it was first seen on Earth when it exploded
170,000 years ago.
It is rocky with craters.
In sunlit areas it is hot
enough to melt lead.
When it is between earth
and the sun it appears as
a tiny dot.
Until 1965 scientist
thought that Mercury
rotated once every 88
Earth –days.
It’s surface is rocky.
Venus rotates
backward compared
to other planets.
Venus is one of the
closer planets to the
The temperature in
the upper layer of it is
55Fdeg. &13C.
Earth is the only life know in the solar
 Earth has about 15 plates in the
lithosphere (the crust and upper mantle).
 The history of Earth is recorded in rocks in
the Earth’s crust.
 Earth’s layers are the crust, the mantle,
the outer & the inner core.
It is known as the red
It’s surface can be seen
in detail from Earth.
It is named after the
Roman God of War.
Scientist say that there
might have been life on
mars a long time ago.
It was named after
the Roman king of the
gods, Zeus.
It’s the biggest planet.
It’s a gas planet, its
surface is covered
with gasses & storms.
FAST FACT!!!!!!!!!!
The average temperature on Jupiter’s
surface is -234 deg. F.
 It would take 1,000 earths to match the
size of Jupiter.
It is the second
largest planet.
It has seven major
It can be seen from
Earth with the
unaided eye.
It has 18 moons.
It has 15 moons.
It’s temperature is 357 deg F.
It has 11 rings around
Little is known about
the surface of Uranus.
It was discovered in
Interesting Facts
The reason Uranus is not like the other
planets is because it is always on it’s side.
 Most planets are at a 90 degree angle but
Uranus is 98 more degrees from the 90
degree point.
It has eight moons.
It rotates every 16 hours
and 7 minutes.
It is made out of
hydrogen, helium,
methane,& acetylene.
It can not be seen with
out a telescope.
Neptune was named after
the Roman god of the
Pluto only has one moon.
It was named after the
Roman God of the Dead.
It is not always the ninth
Pluto is one of the coldest
planet ever at -369 deg. F
to -387 deg F.
It spins every 6 Earth
There are about 67
moons in our solar
If the moon was set
on the United States,
it would reach from
San Francisco to
Some people thing
that there is life out
there on a planet
besides Earth.
Scientist think there
might have been life
out there a long time
It resembles a fuzzy
Some tails of comets
are recorded at 100
million miles.
There have been
many comets all over
in the sky.
It is an extremely
small planet that
orbits the sun.
It is called a minor
planet or planetoid.
There are about
30,000 asteroids
bright enough to be
photographed with
medium sized
In Russia astronauts
are called
John H. Glenn Jr. was
the first person to
circle Earth three
times, on Feb. 20,
Yuri Gagarin was the
first person in outer
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