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Today’s objective:
Recognize how the universe is arranged
Read through the procedure
Do the explore activity with your group
Answer the What do you think questions.
What do you think?
1. How does the scale model compare with
your previous idea of the distance between
Earth and the Moon?
2. How many Earths do you estimate would fit
between Earth and the Moon?
Gravity causes objects to be grouped together in
◦ 1. Earth
 orbits the Sun
 Diameter is 8,000 miles
 The Moon orbits the Earth
 ORBIT: a path of an object in space as it moves
around another object due to gravity
◦ 2. Solar System
 Made up of the Sun, planets and other small objects
 The Suns diameter is 100 times greater than earth
◦ 3. Milky Way (a galaxy)
 GALAXY: a group of millions/billions of stars are held
together by their own gravity
◦ 4. Universe is everything!!!
 It is the space and all the matter and energy in it
 It has billions of galaxies (ex: Milky Way)
◦ A group of stars that form a pattern in the sky
◦ Astronomers have divided the sky into 88
◦ Ancient Greeks named many constellations after