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AP World History
Vocabulary – World History I Review and Classical
Directions: On your own paper or the back of this sheet,
create a definition that includes the following:
Identification of what the word means
Where and when the word refers to (HINT: Should be
from the place and time being covered in the unit)
Which concept of PERSIA G it relates to and why
Usually, you will use the textbook to find the definitions. But,
since you don’t have a book yet, you will use last year’s
materials or the internet to aid you. DO NOT JUST COPY
Due Date: ___________________________________
1. Corvee
Form of forced labor when lower class peoples were required to
work for a lord or a government, usually to build public works
projects, without compensation especially since there was no
standard currency. In ancient China, Corvee system was used to
build the Great Wall and Egyptians were used to build the
Covee is related to social since it helped to create a hierarchy
insuring that laborers were the lowest and poorest members of
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• Quizzes, when used, are completed the day
terms are due
• This first set is due Wed. 9/11