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Presented by Simon Meyer, National Director – Marketing
Year in review
Existing market conditions
Forecast – second half of 2009
Impact on employees
Retention strategies
Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
Market overview
Year in review
• Unprecedented change in economic conditions globally.
• Significant impact upon Australian consumer and business confidence.
• Australian white collar unemployment figures on the up.
• Australia’s two speed economy blurring back into one.
• Total job volume in the white collar recruitment market approximately
50% down on 2008 peak. Note though that this is still similar volume to
• Larger than normal movement of candidates back into the active
employment market through restructuring or global movement.
• Impact on decision making evident from market research around
employer sentiment.
Market overview
Existing market conditions
• Signs of improving Australian business and consumer confidence
since March.
• White collar employment markets stabilising with active candidate
volume reflecting this and returning to shortages in some skill set areas.
• The current conditions have not led to increased job volume for
Marketing professionals.
• Sign off harder to achieve for external hires in Marketing.
• Significant increase in direct recruitment campaigns which is causing
some market frustrations.
• Top Marketing talent proving harder to engage and to move from an
existing role even compared to 2008.
• Marketing roles in Victoria less effected than NSW.
Market outlook
NSW Marketing – Forecast second half of 2009
• Stabilised market conditions to continue.
• Growth in Marketing opportunities will lag behind the increase in
business and consumer confidence.
• Healthcare, Consumer and Product orientated Marketing roles
continue to be the most resilient commercial sectors.
• Financial Services tipped to possibly move forward more aggressively
in the second half through contracting and talent acquisition strategies.
• Public Sector at a State and Federal level will continue to prove
extremely resilient in the current climate.
• Executive level roles are still available, just not being promoted.
• Higher active candidate volume set to continue.
• Top Marketing talent extremely cautious about making a move.
Advice for employers
Impact on employees
• Increased workload
• Possible job insecurity
• Change in company culture
• Lower morale and motivation
• Dramatic change in role and
expectations around position
• Career progression seemingly on
• Greater stress at work and at
Advice for employers
Retention strategies in 2009
• Maintain a mid to long term focus on your team and the core structure
you will need in the upturn.
• Communicate and provide context on the current impact on career.
• Continue to invest in Learning and Development programs.
• Work with HR regarding talent management and career planning.
• Look at innovative employment benefits.
• Know what your EVP is and communicate effectively day to day.
• Provide hands on leadership and guidance.
Advice for employers
EVP – An overview
• Definition - EVP is an organisation’s unique value proposition to an employee and is considered
best practice when utilised to engage, motivate and drive mid to long term careers within an
organisation. Communication is key.
• Knowing what your EVP is and reinforcing it with your team through day to day actions can
make a real difference to employee engagement.
• EVP is most advanced within the Consumer Goods and Financial Services markets.
• A strong EVP enhances employee engagement.
• EVP is communicated via line management, HR, recruitment teams and recruitment partners.
• Stabilised markets likely to continue in the second half of 2009.
• There are still employment opportunities out there for Marketing professionals at all levels.
• Communicate with your team to understand how they feel and proactively manage their career
situation now in preparation for 2010.
• Michael Page Marketing – A long term partner.