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Online Content. Delivered.
Content Crossroads
One-stop-shop for all your content needs
Critical role of content marketing cannot be denied
Professional Services
Business Services
Reference: Content Marketing Institute 2012
Industries with the highest rates of content marketing adoption
But are you managing content well in-house?
Biggest content marketing challenge
Perhaps its time you look at outsourcing your content!
38% of marketers handle their content creation in house
25% of content creation budget spent on outside resources
Reference: Content Marketing Institute 2012
Insource v/s outsource of content marketing
Percentage of Companies that Outsource
Content Marketing
Micro (Fewer than 10 Employees)
Small (10-99 Employees)
Mid-size (100-999 Employees)
Large (1000+ Employees)
Reference: Content Marketing Institute 2012
Yes, Outsourcing content has seen an increase over
the past couple of years
But don’t outsource to just any content company, look
for those who add value…
Enter Content Crossroads
Our Value proposition
We create, publish and track original and good quality
content that will help you in your online marketing efforts
to attract and engage customers regularly
Why Content Crossroads
More than 99% acceptance rate for the content we produce.
The engine that we use, Voraka, helps us deliver process related
intelligence as well as analytics regarding the performance of the
content across the chosen channels.
Flexibility to scale based on your requirements – From 10 blogs
to 100 blogs and back to 10 in two weeks? Yes, we can.
We understand the different Content Marketing needs.
On time and within budget, always.
Content Crossroads Services 360 degrees content solutions
Blogging & Article Writing
Strategy for your blog writing/article writing
Create and maintain your blog server
Establish and maintain the desired blogging/article frequency
Frequent evaluation of quality
Co-ordinate with different teams in your company to generate
blogs/articles with different perspectives
Content Crossroads Services 360 degrees content solutions
Website Content
The relevance of the content on your website is absolutely critical to
ensure your success levels in getting relevant traffic to your website.
• We create content that is aligned to your business and marketing
• We ensure that this content is search engine optimized and
targeted towards your intended audience
Content Crossroads Services 360 degrees content solutions
Provide relevant & specific engaging content
Edit and localize the content
Curate content – Create catchy titles, snappy intros and links to
articles that interest your target audience
Design your newsletters
Maintain periodicity as required
Content Crossroads Services 360 degrees content solutions
Tradebriefs & Press Releases
Research and develop appropriate content
Localize content if required
Curate content – Create catchy titles, snappy intros and links to
articles that interests your target audience
Design engaging layouts
Create blogs and articles weaved around the press release
Maintain periodicity as required
Content Crossroads Services 360 degrees content solutions
Research for Infographics
We conduct secondary research, collate, and organize data
required to add value to your projects.
Our content team will research extensively for the topic that you
are aiming to depict via infographic
We will ensure that all sources of information are credible
This information will not only serve as a source for an infographic
but also can be used to create blogs, white papers and articles.
Content Crossroads Services 360 degrees content solutions
Additional Services
We also provide services that are content enablers, these
services make it easy to publish and accentuate your content
online, including
Custom Content Services
Social Media Services
SEO Audit Services
Programming and Migration Services
Content Crossroads – A Process Driven & Professional
To Sum it up Content
your content stand out!
Crossroads can help
Why? you ask…
…To make your content stand out amidst the clutter!
• 2.1 billion internet users worldwide
• 112 emails sent and received per day by the average
corporate user
• 555 million websites
• Over 800 million users on Facebook
• 100 million active Twitter users
• 70 million Wordpress blogs
• 94.3 million LinkedIn accounts worldwide
Another reason to contact
Content Crossroads!
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• Email: [email protected]
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• CC blogs:
US +1 317 353 3082