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Guideline for Vendor Application
The Canadian Tire Dealers’ Association (CTDA) is a not for profit organization. The CTDA represents over 489 Dealer
Associates who operate Canadian Tire Stores across Canada. All Canadian Tire Retail (CTR) stores are individually owned
and operated by Associate Dealer franchisees. All Associate Dealers are members of the CTDA. The CTDA negotiates
agreements for products or services on behalf of the Associate Dealers that assist with store operations. The CTDA does
NOT negotiate with vendors for RETAIL products or services.
The objective of the CTDA Preferred Vendor program is to negotiate pricing and to complete due diligence on products
or services offered by vendors, on behalf of all Associate Dealers. All programs are optional to Associate Dealer
participation. Where applicable, Canadian Tire Corporate may need to be engaged in order to ensure standards or if use
of the logo is required.
Canadian Tire stores are located in all provinces with representation, in both rural and urban markets. The breakdown
of stores across Canada is as follows; 200 stores are located in Ontario, 100 in Quebec and the remainder are spread
across the balance of the provinces.
CTDA Preferred Vendor Application Process
All vendors interested in becoming a preferred vendor will need to submit an application and follow this process. We
ask for your cooperation in following the process as outlined and provide the information requested in the Application.
Applications that are received where sections have been left blank will be returned. If you feel that a section does not
apply to your product or service please indicate that section as being ‘Not Applicable” or N/A with a brief explanation.
Please note that the CTDA receives a number of proposals and the review process can take some time. Attached you
will find an Application/Proposal Template.
The following information provides some additional guidance to complete your proposal.
CTDA Product or Service
If your product is a retail product, you will need to contact Canadian Tire Corporation Limited, 2180 Yonge
Street, Toronto at 416-480-3000. Please reference your product or service in order to determine the Category
Business Manager (Buyer). The CTDA Preferred Vendor program only negotiates agreements with vendors who
provide a non-retail product or service.
Previous Application
If your company has submitted an application previously, it is important to complete the Application Proposal
and resubmit. However, it would be beneficial to know if a proposal has been submitted previously.
Provide an outline of your product or service relevant to the operation of a Canadian Tire store. Please attach a
brochure outlining your product or service and/or include your company web address. If there are any
competitors selling a similar product or service, you may want to highlight the factors that differentiate your
July 2013
Guideline for Vendor Application
Benefits to Canadian Tire
Please note that price, is not the only factor being considered in review of vendor applications for products or
services. There may be further benefits in meeting federal or provincial regulatory requirements that mitigate
risk, such as products or services for Health & Safety. Please provide an outline of the program highlighting
additional benefits that would save Associate Dealers time, money and mitigate risk.
Market Coverage
For service related offerings, please indicate the market(s) in which the company operates; either through
company employees or through sub-contractors (national, regional or provincial). The CTDA supports
companies who use sub-contractors to deliver a national program. Please indicate if the installers are
employees and/or combination of employees and sub-contractors. The qualifications of the sub-contractor and
service requirements will be the responsibility of the vendor who recommends them.
For market coverage, please indicate if the program can be supported nationally, provincially, or regionally. For
regional coverage, please provide specific area coverage.
Please include pricing for your proposed product/service (or attach a price list) and include the following:
 The discount you are offering with the pricing provided.
 Do service and travel rates apply? (hourly and km rates) Be sure to indicate how the rates are
calculated.(i.e. from a major market)
 Price per unit for the product or price per service (annual or monthly service fees).
We appreciate that it is a challenge to submit pricing without fully understanding the volume of store
participation. As indicated, based on CTDA/CTR structure of our organization, all programs are optional for
Dealer participation. Therefore, for the purpose of assessing the opportunity for Canadian Tire stores, please
submit pricing based on anticipated store participation or volume.
Please include the following information:
 Contact name and information.
 Provide a list of current retail customers.
 Provide a list of Canadian Tire stores currently using the product or service. If you currently offer
multiple products/services, please provide a list indicating all services or products offered.
If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected] . In the subject line, include your company
name and product or service for easy reference.
July 2013
Guideline for Vendor Application
Canadian Tire Dealers’ Association
Vendor Application for CTDA Preferred Vendor Program
In order to be considered for the Canadian Tire Dealers’ Association Preferred Vendor Program, each vendor will need to
complete the following Proposal for an initial review. THE PROPOSAL WILL NEED TO BE COMPLETED IN ITS ENTIRETY.
a question does not apply to your program, please indicate that section as being N/A. Please refer to the Vendor
Application Guide for more details as to what information to include in the application.
Completed proposals should be submitted via email to [email protected]
Is the product or service intended for resale at a Canadian Tire Store?
If your answer is yes please do not proceed any further with your application.
COMPANY NAME: _________________________________________
DATE: ______________________
1. Please indicate if you have previously submitted a proposal to become a preferred vendor with the CTDA.
If yes, provide an approximate date: _____________________________
Briefly outline the product/service offering that is relevant to the operation of a Canadian Tire store.
July 2013
Guideline for Vendor Application
Please include pricing for your proposed product/service (Or attach a price list).
July 2013