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Patterns of Evolution
More than 99% of all species that have
ever lived are now extinct
Reasons for extinction
Competition for resources
Environmental change
Some species adapt and survive
(others do not)
Divergent Evolution
(Adaptive Radiation)
Many diverse species evolved from a
similar, common ancestor
Ex: Galapagos finches
Occurs due to natural selection, etc.
Adaptive Radiation
Convergent Evolution
Unrelated organisms come to
resemble one another
Ex: shark and dolphin
Two or more species evolve in response to
changes in each other over time
Often occurs with organisms that are closely
connected with one another
Symbiotic relationships!
Ex: Many flowering plants can reproduce only if the
shape, color and odor of their flowers to attract
specific pollinators
Bees are attracted to certain types of plants and butterflies
are attracted to certain types of plants (some may be the
same, others may be different)
Punctuated Equilibrium
Long stable periods are interrupted by
brief periods of more rapid change