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Natural Selection- the way evolution
takes place
The characteristics of a particular
species are passed on through the
genes to the next generation
Until all members of the species have
these Characteristics
Natural Selection
If members of the species have
characteristics that don’t allow them to
survive these characteristics die with
In this way a species evolves and
changes-developing characteristics for
Survival of the fittest
Common Origin
Species can be traced back to other
In this way the theory links human
beings to ape-like creatures
Darwin provides an alternative to the
design theory-no need for God
Threat 2 from science to Christianity
Interpretation of
Reject the theory of evolution
Creation is a miracle
Ushers young earth creation occurred
through God 6,000yrs ago
Science estimates billions of years
They believe in the creation of human
life as being the Adam and Eve story
Evolutionary theory does not contradict
a belief in God
The uniqueness of human beings is
retained in this belief system
The are different from other animals in
several ways
Can develop their own environment
Have capacity for creativity, awareness
and intellect
We have a soul
We are more than physical beings
We have self control, conscious power
to think, chose and act…we are cool!
Dawkins-The Blind
For Dawkins the world is a blind unconscious
and automatic process
It is not created
We like the idea of a God …so we make one
Selfish gene-we are selfish robots
programmed to survive
Reject the soul-but believes in human dignity