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Rocks and Minerals
By: Andrea Renegar
Sedimentary Rock
A Sedimentary
Rock is a rock
that looks like
bits of sand put
together in a big
Igneous Rock
• A lot of rocks are
Igneous Rocks
The word
Igneous means,”
An Igneous rock is
formed from hot,
melted rock
substance that has cooled and hardened.
Metamorphic Rock
A Metamorphic
Rock is the result
of a rock being
cooked. Metamorphic
means,” Changed in
Rock Cycle
• The Rock Cycle
is a never ending
process in which
rocks change.
A naturally
neither a
plant nor an
• The way light bounces off of a rock is
called,” Luster “.
• You can tell rocks apart by using a
“ Streak Plate”.
• Most fossils are found in Sedimentary
rock. When a
plant or animal dies
the soft parts either
decay or are
eaten. the hard
parts[ bones, teeth,
shells] are more
likely to become fossils.