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Rocks and Minerals
Igneous Rock
• Can you remember what igneous rocks
are made from?
• That’s right!! Igneous rocks are made
from lava or magma that has been cooled
and hardened into a rock.
Sedimentary Rock
• Sedimentary rock is made from what?
• Correct!! It is made from sediment (this
one should be easy to remember!!).
Sediment is tiny little pieces of rock that is
smashed together really hard for a really
long time. It eventually becomes a rock!
Metamorphic Rock
• Can you think of a time where you have
heard a word like Metamorphic?
• If you said when a butterfly changes, you
are correct (metamorphosis)
• The idea is that when a rock changes, it
also metamorphoses into a different rock!
•A metamorphic rock could
become an igneous, a
sedimentary, or another
metamorphic rock. It all
depends on what happens to
the rock!!!
The Rock Cycle
• The rock cycle is the idea that all rocks
can become all other types of rocks by
adding heat and/or pressure!
Just think of it like this!!!
• Rock Cycle Song
(Sing to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")
Has been formed in layers
Often found near water sources
With fossils from decayers
• Then there's IGNEOUS rock
Here since Earth was born
Molten Lava, cooled and hardened
That's how it is formed
• These two types of rocks
Can also be transformed
With pressure, heat and chemicals
METAMORPHIC they'll become.
Can you classify these rocks???
• Classify each of the rocks as igneous,
sedimentary, or metamorphic. Discuss
with your neighbor. We will decide as a
group what we believe each picture is!