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Classifying rocks
In Class
Obj. I will be able to classify rocks as metamorphic, igneous,
or sedimentary by the processes of their formation
Igneous rock
•Metamorphic rock
•Sedimentary rock
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Vocabulary notes
cementation - A process whereby compacted
sediments bind and stick together and turn into rock
compaction - A process whereby sediments pack,
crush, and settle under the action of gravity and
pressure from overlying layers
deposition – the dropping off of eroded materials
in a new location
erosion – the process of moving sediments by wind,
water, ice and gravity
foliated – rocks that are composed of thin easily
separable layers or bands
igneous rock - Rock formed when heated magma
or lava cools and hardens
lava - A result of molten rock material pushed to
Earth’s surface by volcanic action
lithification - The compaction and cementation of
sediment into rock.
magma - Melted rock material beneath Earth’s
metamorphic rock - Rock deep within Earth’s crust
that has been exposed to extreme heat and
pressure causing changes to its appearance,
structure, and composition
non-foliated – rocks that do not have a layered or
banded structure.
recrystallization - A reaction in which the atoms of
existing crystals within a rock are reorganized due
to heat and/or pressure.
sedimentary rock - Rock formed when sediments
deposited in layers, compact and cement together
under pressure, over long periods of time
sedimentation - The act or process of depositing
weathering – the process of breaking rocks down
into sediments
Extrusive rocks- Formed when molten rock reaches
the Earth’s surface and cools.
Intrusive rock- Formed when magma cools
underground forming rock
Rock cycle