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CBA Initiative
GEF SGP Kazakhstan
Stanislav Kim, NC GEF SGP Kazakhstan
CBA Preparatory Workshop
Portfolio of existing community projects
Current portfolio
• 23 CB projects currently under implementation;
• 13 LD projects; 8 BD projects; and 2 CC projects.
Project Typologies
•Biodiversity – Community-based ecotourism and forestry;
•Land Degradation – Agroforesty and community-based
rangeland management;
• Climate Change – Renewable energy for mobile cattle
breading, fruits drying.
CBA Preparatory Workshop
Community Based Ecotourism
Sustainable use of the biodiversity in Saty village through
development of community based ecotourism
The strategic goal of the project is
decreasing local community dependence
from natural resources and threats for
biodiversity through socio- economic
development by means of ecological
tourism in Saty settlement and territories
The goals of the project are:
(i) Involving of Saty local population into ecotourism activity by escalating and
strengthening of their capacity;
(ii) Ecological education and raising awareness of the local community about
biodiversity of the area by means of organization of ecological rounds;
(iii) Demonstration of potential opportunities of ecological tourism as a form of
sustainable use of biodiversity.
CBA Preparatory Workshop
Community-Based Rangeland Management
Rehabilitation of nomadic paths of traditional cattle
breeding in Kyrash village, and ceasing pasture degradation
around the village
The goal of the project is to restore nomadic
ways of traditional cattle-breading and to stop
to the pastures degradation around the
settlement through water supply of the foothills
and use of summer pastures in Karatau
The tasks of the project are:
- Water supply of 11000 hectares pastures at the foot hiils;
- Moving the livestock to the summer pastures;
- Training of shepherds in rational pastures management.
CBA Preparatory Workshop
Renewable Energy for Development of Mobile Cattle Breading
Wind energy use to supply remote pastures of Karaganda
area with electricity
The project is directed on demonstration of
opportunities for wind power use for the
purposes of power supply of the remote
settlements on the sample of the two remote
herder settlements in Kazaganda area.
The project includes establishment of 2 wind-power turbines to supply the
herders of the remote areas with power and make their living conditions more
comfortable. Marketing research will be arranged to get the picture for
perspectives for the wind power turbines manufacturing at the local level,
propagation of the project results will be carried out.
CBA Preparatory Workshop
Opportunities for building resilience to CC
Potential CBA project examples:
•Community-based rangeland management
(in the context of climate aridization, lost of pasture productivity and reduction
of surface water sources)
•Community-based agroforestry for desertification and slope erosion control
(in the context of increasing climate-related aridity)
• Community based water resources and irrigation system management
(in context of reduction of water resources)
CBA Preparatory Workshop
Opportunities for cash co-financing
Potential co-financing sources:
• Farmers Associations and Foundations (National, Local)
• Agricultural Private Sector (National Agro Corporation and etc.)
• Local Communities (Farmers)
• Local Authorities (Akimats)
• International/regional/national development institutes (GTZ,
CAMP, Eurasia and etc.)
Modalities for engaging co-financing partners:
• Joint consultancy process
• Joint grant competitions
• Concentrating of coordinated geographical and thematical
priorities and etc.
CBA Preparatory Workshop
NSC Modification and Country Programme Development
Additions to the National Steering Committee
• Representative of Kazakh Scientific Institute of Climate and
Environmental Monitoring (KazSICEM) or KazHydroMet and
Representative of Agriculture Sector
•National capacity situation:
– constraints: lack of expert knowledge, lack of theoretical and practical
experience, CBO inactivity, lack of state support and etc.
– opportunities: positive economical development (national, local), state
programs oriented on rural development and etc.
Strategies for Successfully engaging Potential Grantees
• Development of information materials about CBA adopted for
CBO understanding on Kazakh and Russian languages
• Effective awareness raising campaigns
• Conducting of specialized trainings and workshops for CBOs
on selected focal territories
•Active involving of local authorities for information dissemination
CBA Preparatory Workshop
Strategies and Support for Project Development
Support services for proposal development:
Engagement of support personnel
• Creation of experts roasters/ networks in priority areas
• Experts support and consultations during projects development and
•Strategies for maximizing community-drivenness while ensuring
proposal requirements and SPA eligibility
• Timing of capacity-building events, novel communication channels, etc
•Capacity building strategies for grantees (understanding climate
change, writing proposals, etc)
• Workshops and trainings for local communities
• Site visits and sites exchanges
• Simplification of project proposal format for CBA initiatives