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for Science and Medicine
Isabel McMann
[email protected]
Penny Roberts
[email protected]
18th February, 2009
What is Scopus?
• Scopus is a large abstract and citation database
of research literature and quality web sources.
• Works with SCIRUS search engine
What does it include?
• Peer-reviewed journals
• Results from scientific web pages
• Patent records
• Medline records 1966 –
• Content from other databases:
Embase 1970Compendex 1970Geobase 1980-
Why use Scopus?
• Scholarly, interdisciplinary content
• Weekly or daily updates
• Complex searching and refining results
• Links to full text and OLIS
• Searches databases and the web simultaneously
• Search history can be viewed
• Current awareness alerts can be set up
• Easy to set up bibliography of results
• Searching
• Limits
• Sorting results
• Citation searching
• Search History
• Alerts
• Output
Web searching
Also searches the web via SCIRUS
Elsevier’s science search engine
Why Scirus?
• Pinpoints relevant data on the Web
• Finds the latest articles etc.
• Filters out non-scientific sites
• Searches a combination of web sources
• No controlled vocabulary/ subject heading
• Citation searching more comprehensive in Web
of Knowledge
• Clinical queries - use Medline / PubMed
• User friendly, intuitive
• Inter-disciplinary academic content
• Good for any science topic
• Good for free-text, keyword searching
• Simultaneous web and patent searches
• Citation searching (back to 1996)
• Alerts, to keep you up to date with research
• Many links to full text
• Regular updates/improvements
• Good help pages and online support
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Monday 23rd February
at OUCS – book online
Your subject specialists:
• Bio- and Environmental Science:
[email protected]
• Physical Sciences:
[email protected]
• Medical Sciences:
[email protected]
Sample search:
What are the effects of climate change and
global warming on fisheries
Search as:
(climate change OR global warming) AND
Topics you can try…
• What are the ethical implications of face
• How does solar power help with the problem of
global warming?
• How is airplane safety affected by metal fatigue?