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National Policy on
Combating Climate Change,
Justine Conaty
Legal Services Division
National Summit on Climate Change
Apia, May 28-29, 2009
The Policy was drafted to:
• implement Samoa’s international
obligations under the UNFCCC and Kyoto
Protocol; and
• ensure Samoa is in the best possible
position to deal with climate change.
What does the Policy do?
The Policy sets out Samoa’s response to
climate change.
It provides a national framework for
effective and sustainable adaptation to the
adverse impacts of climate change and
mitigation of Samoa’s contribution to global
greenhouse gas emissions.
National Climate Change Framework
National Policy
on Combating
Climate Change
National Adaptation
Programme of Action
National Greenhouse
Gas Abatement
Policy goal
To enhance Samoa’s response to the
impacts of climate change in support of
national sustainable development goals.
Policy objectives
Public awareness and understanding
Climate change information management
Regulatory framework
Policy benefits
The Policy contributes to the achievement of
sustainable development through:
Informed decision-making;
Environmental planning and assessment;
Targeted action on climate change adaptation
and mitigation;
International cooperation and partnerships; and
Strengthened national capacity to respond to
climate change.