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Building blocks for integrating
water into the climate regime
The WCC mission
• Bring together stakeholders from across the global water
community to promote progressive and integrated water and
climate change policy on an international level
• Targeted advocacy on a global level, working with members to
develop policy recommendations, statements and interventions as
well as co-ordinating events, seminars and workshops.
Chartered Institute for Water and Environmental
Management (CIWEM)
Conservation International
International Union for the Conservation of Nature
International Water Association (IWA)
Freshwater Action Network (FAN)
Green Cross International (GCI)
Stakeholder Forum
Stockholm International Water Institute
The Nature Conservancy
University of North Carolina (UNC) Water Institute
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
• Global Water Partnership (GWP)
Climate change is water change
• The cross-cutting nature of
water must be fully
• Water management needs to be
fully integrated into climate
adaptation and mitigation
• Water must be addressed
comprehensively through the
establishment of appropriate
programmes at regional,
national and global levels
Climate change is water change
• Water must be integrated more
effectively into existing
mechanisms under the UNFCCC
• Existing expertise and
knowledge needs to be readily
available to enhance the efforts
of Parties addressing climate
change and water change in a
sustainable manner
Proposals for the
Climate Change Negotiations
• Secure the role and knowledge of water management guiding the
work of the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee
• Develop a thematic focus initiative on water resources under the
Nairobi Work Programme
Proposals for the
Climate Change Negotiations
• SBSTA should request UNFCCC to
convene a workshop under the Nairobi
Work Programme on the contribution
of water management in building
climate resilience to climate change
• Report back to SBSTA on the way
• Establish water as a priority under the
Green Climate Fund
• Water management knowledge and
experiences should inform upcoming
decisions on REDD+
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Anders Berntell
Executive Director
Stockholm International Water Institute