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The presentation is about to begin…….
Nitric Oxide & Health
The Wonderwork of
Nitric Oxide
Presented by
Healthway C.T.M.L., Inc.
Nitric Oxide
1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine
The 1998 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
was awarded to 3 American scientists for their
research on NO (Nitric Oxide). They discovered that
NO, a gas, is responsible for transmitting important
signals and regulating cellular functions in the human
Robert F. Furchgott
Dept. of
SUNY Health
Science Center
Louis J. Ignarro
Dept. of Molecular
And medical
UCLA School of Medicine
Los Angeles
Ferid Murad
Dept. of Integrative Biology
Pharmacology and Physiology
University of Texas
Medical School
The Winners of 1998 Nobel Prize
3 Nobel Prize Winners receiving their awards from the
hands of His Majesty the King of Sweden.
World Famous Scientist:
Alfred Nobel & Nitroglycerine
Alfred Nobel is the founder of Nobel
Prize. He starts his experiments with
nitroglycerine in 1860. He also invented
dynamite in 1866 and later built up
companies and laboratories in more than 20
countries all over the world.
Ironically, when Nobel was taken ill
with heart disease, his doctor prescribed
nitroglycerin, but he refused to take it.
It has been known since last century that the
explosive, nitroglycerin, has beneficial effects
against chest pain. However, it would take 100
years until it was clarified that nitroglycerin
acts by releasing NO gas.
Cardiovascular Disease &
Hardening of the Arteries
The President of the
American Heart Association, Dr.
Valentin Fuster said, “The
discovery of Nitric Oxide and its
function is one of the most
important in the history of
cardiovascular medicine.”
Dr. John P. Cooke, Director of
Vascular Medicine at Stanford
University Medical School, states
that- Even when blood cholesterol is
high, if sufficient nitric oxide from
arginine, is being produced, the
vessels will be protected from the development of plaque, affording
protection from atherosclerosis.
Cardiovascular Disease
There is a high incidence of cardiovascular disease
among the old. The incidence is 15% for the people over
age 40, and men have a high risk factor than women. The
death rate for heart disease and stroke is around 49%.
Cardiovascular disease ranks as world’s No.1 killer,
claiming the lives of 15 million people.
According to statistics, stroke deaths occur more often
during periods between 2:00 a.m.- 6:00 a.m. This may due
to NO level is low at nights. Also, heart disease patients
produce less nitric oxide than normal persons.
NO Production in Human Body
Healthy People
Unhealthy People
Cardiovascular disease patient
NO & Blood Vessels
From 70’s, Dr. Ferid Murad started experiments with
Nitroglycerin. Until 1997, he found out that nitroglycerin
works by releasing nitric oxide. NO molecules from the
endothelium travel into smooth muscle cells, set off a
cascade of cellular reactions that cause the cell’s
contractile filaments to slide. As a result, smooth
muscle cells relax and blood vessel dilates.
 Healthy people– Healthy immune system
 Unhealthy people– Weak immune system
According to the research, the cells of your body decline 2% per
year in effectiveness starting at age 21! Therefore, you need to deposit an
equal amount in your nutritional bank account to maintain your health.
Dr. Cooke said, “endothelium-made nitric oxide is your body’s
strongest self defense against heart attacks and stroke…preventing and
reversing hardening of the arteries.”
擁A healthy endothelium is the cardiovascular cure
Dr. Cooke points out, the person with healthy blood vessels,
by eating an arginine rich diet, manufactures sufficient nitric
oxide but- most of us have unhealthy blood vessels and
unhealthy diets!
Furthermore, he states that high cholesterol, even in healthy
young people, and diseased coronary arteries interferes with
the production of nitric oxide by the body.
一Ample Nitric Oxide production dissolves plaque
Nitric oxide, endogenously produced gas that acts as a
signaling molecule in the body. Signal transmission by gas,
produced by one cell, which penetrates membranes and
regulates the function of other cells is a revolutionary
breakthrough in the human organism. Scientists believe
that insufficient nitric oxide production in human body
leads to a variety of diseases.
NO Performance
Function in Cardiovascular System
Function in Nerve Transmission
Function in Immune System
Function in Respiratory & Endocrine System
NO Function in Cardiovascular:
Relaxes blood vessels keeping them
open, pliable, and elastic
Preventing platelets and white blood
cells from sticking to the vessel wall
Preventing arterial spasms
Atherosclerosis is the buildup of deposits of fatty
substances on the insides of the artery walls. This
causes thickening and hardening of the arteries,
high blood pressure chest pain, heart attack, stroke,
and sudden cardiac death.
According to recent research, the
average persons’ cholesterol level
is raised up to 20%; and around
10% of children triglyceride level
is higher than normal.
Scientist evidence shows by
lowering 1% of cholesterol
reduces 2% of incidence in
Myocardial Infraction. Cholesterollowering also reduces the
hardening of the arteries.
High blood pressure is the most important risk
factor for cardiovascular disease. Many people
believe the effective treatment of hypertension is a
key reason for the accelerated decline in the death
rates for heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.
Double NO in blood vessels,pliable blood vessels
Coronary Artery Disease
Cerebral Embolism
Cardiovascular System
Blood vessels bring oxygen and
nutrients to the heart, brain, and various
human body.
Especially, heart and brain consume
most of oxygen that body produced,
around 60%.
When the body is under heavy
physiological stress or trauma, it requires
more nitric oxide; otherwise may damage
blood vessels and cause cardiovascular
disease such as heart disease, stroke…..
Coronary Artery Disease
Coronary artery disease generally refers to the buildup of
cholesterol in the inside layers of the arteries. This will slowly
narrow the flow of blood through the vessels, and the muscle it
supplies will not get enough blood. The plaque weakens the wall.
A crack may develop in the plaque and a blood clot may form~ this
is the mechanism of most heart attacks.
Hardening of Arteries
Hardening of arteries is a common disorder of the
arteries. It often shows no symptoms until flow within a
blood vessel has become seriously compromised. Typical
symptoms include chest pain when a coronary artery is
involved, or leg pain when a leg artery is involved.
Fat, cholesterol and other substances
accumulate in the walls of arteries and form
atheromas or plaques.
Blood Vessel Disease
Risk as:
1. contracted artery,
increase blood pressure;
2. increase stickiness of platelets,damage
3. the hardening of arteries, blockage in coronary
Nitric Oxide in Nerve System:
Nitric Oxide Nourishes Brian
Nitric Oxide enhanced nerve
cells communication and longterm memory storage.
NO and Brain
Brain researchers have begun to examine the role of
NO in diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In
patients suffering either of these disorders, there is
frequently a significant reduction in the nitric oxide
being produced in their brain.
Inhibiting the enzyme
used to make NO
caused constriction of
the arteries supplying
the brain.
A stroke occurs when a blood vessel bring
oxygen and nutrients to the brain bursts or is
clogged by a blood clot or some other particle.
NO Function in Immune System:
Strengthen the body’s defense against
Retards tumor growth by enhancing immune
Ample production of Nitric oxide in white blood
cells to kill invading bacteria and parasites
NO reduces lung disorders & help HGH release
Dr. Jonathan S. Stamler, professor of Medicine at Duke
University Medical Center, once said, “NO does everything,
everywhere.” NO involved in complex behavioral changes
in the brain, airway relaxation, beating of the heart, dilation
of blood vessels, regulation of intestinal movement,
function of blood cells, the immune system, even how digits
and arms move.
NO & Body Function
Individuals without sufficient nitric oxide
production are likely to develop heart or blood
vessel disease.
Scientists believe一The decrease of nitric oxide
production in human body decreases the function
and health of normal cells. Therefore, disease
may follow…..
For example:
1. Hypertension (high blood pressure)
2. Stroke
3. Coronary artery disease
4. Heart failure
5. Diabetes Mellitus
6. Other diseases
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