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Understanding Microbes
and Disease
By: Shirley Grimsley
Essential Question:
How can science help us to
understand the world around us?
Microbes are a part of our lives every day.
Some of them are good for us, some of them
are harmful, and some of them are deadly.
We need to understand the role microbes
play in our lives and how to prevent diseases
that are associated with them.
Many microbes in our world cause sickness
and disease in animals and plants.
Microbes in
Our World
Entamoeba histolytica
Causes dysentery, a severe form of
amebiasis associated with stomach pain,
bloody stools, and fever.
•Plasmodium, a one-celled parasite
transmitted by a mosquito.
•Causes Malaria, associated with flu-like
symptoms and intestinal problems.
Plasmodium attacking a red blood cell
Streptococcus Bacterium
Causes the strep throat, a
painful sore throat and fever.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Causes Tuberculosis, a highly
contagious respiratory disease.
Retroviridae - HIV (Human Immunodeficiency
Causes Acquired Immunodeficiency
Syndrome (AIDS), which is a deadly disease
that attacks the human immune system.
Orthomyxoviridae – Influenza Virus
Causes the flu, which is a respiratory
infection that often causes the infected
person to have a fever, headache, and body
How can you prevent the spread of
diseases caused by microbes?
Top 5 ways to help prevent the spread of disease:
#5 - Use antibiotics correctly.
#4 - Get immunized.
#3 - Use care when preparing and handling food.
#2 – Keep surfaces clean and disinfected.
And, #1 - Wash your hands.
AIDS Pathology
– Useful for images of viruses
The Big Picture Book of Viruses
– Useful for images of influenza virus and HIV
Flu – NIAID Fact Sheet
- Useful information about influenza
Hand washing – CDC – An Ounce of Prevention: Keeps the Germs Away
– Useful video on hand washing
Resources, continued
Malaria Brochure
Epidemic – The World of Infectious Diseases
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute – Press Release on DNA of the tissue destroyer Genome clues to Amoebic Dysentery
– Useful image and content information about Etamoeba Hystolytica