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Horse Health
Some Important Vocabulary
• Infectious disease: spread from horse to
horse ex- Rabies
• Non-infectious disease: cannot be spread
from horse to horse ex- Colic
• Vector: a carrier of a disease
Some More Vocabulary
• Vaccination/Immunization: a shot which
prevents disease
• Neurologic: concerning the nervous system
(brain & spinal cord)
• Paralysis: inability to move
The Basics
• Normal Body Temperature
– 99-101 degrees Fahrenheit
– Checked with thermometer inserted in horse’s
The Basics
• Respiration
– 8-16 breaths per minute (bpm)
– Watch horse’s side and feel its breath for 15
seconds, then multiply by 4 (or stethoscope)
– Also, you want to listen with stethoscope for
clear lung sounds
The Basics
• Pulse
– (heart rate)
– 30-40 beats per minute
– Feel under jaw and count for 10 seconds, then
multiply by 6