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1. What is the illegal procedure of applying caustic
substances to the pastern area in order to create higher
action during performances of Tennessee Walkers?
2. What is the term for the white marks on the back &
withers of a horse caused by an ill-fitting saddle?
3. Which tool is used to locate abscesses in the foot?
4. Which disease causes a long curly coat on older
horses due to tumors or abnormalities of the thyroid
or pituitary glands?
5. What is the term for the growth found on the inside of
the hind leg below the hock & above the knee on the inside
of the front leg?
6. Name this device that holds the calf just prior to its
release during a calf roping event.
7. Name this type of jump.
8. Name this stage of evolution that was about 12 inches tall &
has also been called the Dawn Horse.
9. Name the conformation defect that can cause the
saddle to roll sideways when mounting.
10. Name this type of 2 horse hitch where one horse is
hitched directly in front of the other.
11. What is the specific name of the Arabian class
where the horse & rider perform at a walk, canter &
hand gallop & the appointments are only 25% of the
judges score?
12. What is added to horse feeds to increase the
sweetness & settle dust?
13. What action defect would cause this type of
movement that is commonly found in horses with a
wide chest?
14. This is used on Standardbreds during racing to prevent
the horses from seeing the ground directly in front of them.
Name this piece of tack.
15. Name this body clipping style.
16. What is the term for the setting of teeth on a solid
object while pulling back & sucking air?
17. What is the disease caused an infestation of mites?
18. What is the term for a mane that is completely
shaved off along the crest?
19. What is the name of the additional hair added to the
tail to make it appear longer & fuller?
20. What is this commonly used stall bedding material?
21. Name this procedure used to test for dehydration.
22. What type of horse shoe is this?
23. What is the term for the rope strung between two trees
to which horses are tied while camping overnight?
24. Name this poisonous plant.
25. What is this appaloosa pattern called?
1. Soring
2. Saddle sores
3. Hoof tester
4. Cushing’s disease
5. Chestnut
6. Calf chute
7. Coop
8. Eohippus
9. Mutton withers
10. Tandem hitch
11. Native costume
12. Molasses
13. Paddling
14. Shadow roll
15. Blanket clip
16. Cribbing
17. Mange
18. Roached mane
19. Tail extensions or
fake tail
20. Wood shaving
21. Skin pinch test
22. Egg bar shoe
23. Picket line
24. Yellow Star thistle
25. Snowflake