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person’s self-concept as
a male or female linked
with physical, intellectual,
emotional, and social
in the body that
dictate changes as teens
become sexually mature
and as adults age
activity completely
social group’s
influence on the
way individuals
expulsion of a baby
from the mother’s body
before week 20 of
of fetus after 20
weeks of pregnancy
that are born
before 37 weeks of
development and weigh
less that 5 pounds 8
ounces at birth
who weigh
less than 5 pounds,
8 ounces at birth
parent legally
give up rights and
responsibilities for
raising child
of various methods
for terminating a
pregnancy, especially
during the first six months.
for children
and helping them
grow and develop.
illnesses that are
passed primarily through
sexual contact
 Can
be treated with
 Can
NOT get rid of a Virus
 You will always have it even if
you show no symptoms
 Most
common in developed countries
 Caused by a bacteria
 Often producing no symptoms
 Can cause infertility
› Not able to reproduce
 Chronic (constant) pain
 or a tubal pregnancy if left untreated
sexually transmitted
bacterial disease that causes:
› inflammation of the genitals
› burning pain when urinating
› discharge
A serious STD (sexually transmitted disease) caused by
spirally twisted bacteria that affects
many body organs and parts
› Genitals
› Brain
› Skin
› nervous tissue
viral infection causing small
painful blisters and
 most commonly in the mouth,
nose, or genitals
knotty lump which grows on
the external sexual organs
that live in
the pubic
AKA: “crabs”
of the vagina
 marked by persistent
discharge and intense itching
 It is caused by a parasite,
 vaginalis
Commonly called thrush
 Fungal infection characterized by
creamy-white, cordlike patches on the
tongue and other mucosal surfaces of
the mouth.
 An
infectious agent that causes
acquired immunodeficiency
syndrome (AIDS)
 breaks down a person’s immune
 Health
 Impact on Educational Choices
 Financial Problems
 Emotional/Social Stress
 Choose
one major problem
created by teen pregnancy
(Health Risks, Impact on Education, Financial Problems, Emotional/Social Issues)
 Using
your textbook,(chpt 2), the
internet, and magazines create a
word and picture collage
showing examples of the
challenges a teen parent faces
in that area