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>280 new cases
>38 children hospitalised
Epidemiological statistics - 1 expected case
of death when case counts reach to 500
Every new case has a potential to infect
another 20 individuals
Highest risk – children under 1 and pregnant
women who were not vaccinated
Public Health will distribute letters to parents
with all children with no documented MMR
vaccination to approach GPs for vaccination
All children over 1 yr age and adults born
after 1970 can get MMR vaccination if not
been vaccinated before
Health Visitors will advise older children &
adults in family who have not been vaccinated
to protect under 1 yr olds
Midwifes will advise same to protect pregnant
Measles in pregnancy has high incidence of
pre-mature labour
Virus is contained in the millions of tiny
droplets that come out when an infected
person coughs or sneezes.
Measles is caused by breathing in these
droplets or touching a surface contaminated
these droplets and the hand going near your
nose and mouth.
Cold, fever, red eye, sensitivity to light
Takes 7-12 days from exposure to
development of rash
Red brow rash which blanches comes usually
from behind the ear and spread all over the
body, takes up to 8 days to disappear
Infectious from 12- 18 days of rash
(90% protection measles, 95% Rubella)
Age 12 months – 1st Dose
Age 3yr 4 months-5 years – 2nd Dose
No upper limit of age, 2 doses need 28 days at
least apart
1998 study of 15 children – involved a lot of
Follow up studies of >250 children –no link
between MMR and autism
Tri vaccine MMR safer than single measles
Single vaccine – anaphylactic risk high
Person who has not been vaccinated in been
in exposure to Measles can be infectious for
up to 21 days from time of exposure
Vaccination with MMR within 72 hours of
exposure can prevent from developing
Measles can be extremely unpleasant
It can lead to Pneumonia, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Long
Term Spinal Cord Damage
In rare cases, people have died from measles
Buccal Swabs
IgM – current Infection
IgG- previous infection or immunised
FAX – PHONE NUMBER : 01792607387