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What is tuberculosis?
•TB is potentially serious
infectious disease
•Affects lungs primarily
•Spread from person to person through tiny droplets released
into the air
•Most people infected with bacteria that cause TB develop
symptoms of the disease - may not be aware they have the
•If person with active TB untreated - will infect on average
between 10 and 15 people every year (WHO 2002)
Despite advances in treatment, TB remains a major cause of illness and death
worldwide, especially in Africa and Asia
How can TB be treated?
•Requires medical attention and prescription medication taken
over at least a six month time period
• No alternative remedies or over the counter medication has
proven effective in eradicating TB
•During treatment, patients are usually confined to home and
must wear a special breathing mask if
•going outside
•Extremely contagious/communicable
disease- the law and public health safety
requires that TB patients remain isolated
from the rest of the population