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Discrete Math
Ms. M. Antwi
Spring 2006
What Is Discrete Math?
• Discrete math is a topic that deals exclusively
with discrete numbers.
• Discrete--defined for a finite or countable set
of values; Not continuous.
– An example of continuous.
Numbers can be found on the.
Number line.
Example of Discrete Numbers
•Discrete numbers—numbers that can be counted
•Discrete things are found in bundles or lumps,
and you can only have certain numbers of them.
• For example, in baseball there are four bases.
If you get a hit it is either a one-base hit
(what we call a single), a two-base hit, a
three-base hit, or a home run. There is no
such thing as a 2 1/2 base hit.
Topics to Be Covered
Graph theory
Data analysis
Election Theory
Voting Power
Fair Division