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Monday January 14, 2013
Lesson 2
 I wouldn’t have pulled a muscle if I’d warmed up. (page
 Read the conversation 1.17 Marie, Chris, Karla and
Dave. Number the sports in order.
Answer the questions.
 Write in your notebook. Page 42
 1. What injury does each person have?
 2. What is the tennis player going to miss?
 3. What was wrong with the soccer cleats?
 4. What were the cheerleaders trying to make?
 5. What didn’t the polo player do before playing ?
 Has anyone you know had any of the injuries in I?
Activities page 43
3. A. Read the examples and answer the questions.
B. complete the rules about third conditional.
C. match the verb forms with the clauses.
4. a. write the correct form of the verbs.
C. talk about your regrets.
What did you do wrong?
What would have happened if you had acted
 5. writing
 Write a similar account about one of your regrets.
Your space: Whee!
Page 44
A. read the article and choose the best title .
B. read again and correct the statements.
1. Only adults can land-live.
Some land divers are as young as seven.
 C. find words for the definitions.
 Answer the questions
 1. Would you like to try bungee jumping? Why or why not?
 Do you like extreme sports? What’s the most daring thing
that you've done?