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Spanish I
Punto #1
 To tell someone you address as tú to do something, use
an affirmative informal command.
Punto #2
 To form (+) informal command of regular or stem-
changing verbs:
 Drop the final -s off the end of the tú form of the verb.
Punto #2
 hablar-hablas-habla (Speak.)
 comer-comes-come (Eat.)
 Pedir-pides-pide (Ask for…)
 Write a letter.
 Escribir-__________-__________
 Read the book.
 Leer-__________-__________
Irregular Affirmative Informal
 Tener
 ten
 Venir
 ven
 Poner
 pon
 Ir
 ve
 Ser
 sé
 Hacer
 haz
 Salir
 sal