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Jihad in Islam
Imam Joban
MSA –UW presentation
 Islam is not just
a religion.
It is a way of life.
There are 1.3 billion Muslims
in the World.
 Only 15% are Arabs.
1 out of every 5 people is a
What is the meaning of Islam?
Linguistic meaning
Surrender – purity - peace.
MUSLIM = A Person who submits to
• Islam is perfect, but Muslims are
Very Important and contemporary
 Hijab
 Status of Women
 Jihad
 Democracy
Human Rights
• Hijab
Oh ! Such a deeply, religious, spiritual, peaceful, soul ! God bless her !
 Muslim Girl
 Oppressed by
father who is a
huh ?
Imam Joban
MSA –UW presentation
Linguistic meaning
Striving - Struggling.
Islamic meaning
A- Non-violent struggling within
oneself for a life of virtue.
B- Fighting to establish justice,
which is a supreme goal.
The word jihad
 The word jihad has its origin in the
verb jahada which means to struggle,
to fight. The word has a few different
connotations, since struggle can occur
on several levels.
So, there are 3 types of Jihad
 1. Jihad with the holy Qur’an (Verbal
2. Jaihad bin Nafs
(intimate struggle to purify
the soul)
 3. Jihad Fi-sabilillah
(Military Jihad for the sake
of God)
Verbal Jihad
• According to the Quran, the Holy War,
called Jihad, is in reality a holy
campaign which uses the help of the
Quran to bring about a spiritual
revolution in the world.
• Fight against them by means Of it (the
Quran) a great fight (Q:Ch. 25: 53)
The Prophet Muhammad (S) said, "The most
excellent jihad is the speaking of truth in the
face of a tyrant." He encouraged raising one's
voice in the name of Allah on behalf of justice.
Example : Fighting for social Justice, equality,
prevnting oppression etc.
Maybe Boston Tea Party could be a form of
Jihad bin Nafs (intimate
struggle to purify the soul)
 The
most excellent jihad is that of
the soul. This jihad, called the Jihad
bin Nafs, is the intimate struggle to
purify the soul of satanic influence-both subtle and overt. It is the
struggle to cleanse one's spirit of sin.
This is the most important level of
• To tame one's rebellious nature
into complete submission to God
is another form of Jihad which is
infact the greater Jihad, according
to the Holy Prophet of Islam. On
returning from a battle, he (S) is
reported to have said:
• “We are returning from the lesser
Jihad to the greater Jihad.”
 Muslims as both individuals and
members of Islamic society must carry
out jihad, that is, they must exert
themselves at all moments of life to
fight a battle both inward and outward
against those forces that if not
combatted will destroy that equilibrium
which is the necessary condition for
the spiritual life of the person and the
functioning of human society.
On the more external level, the
lesser jihad also includes the socioeconomic domain. It means the
reassertion of justice in the external
environment of human existence
starting with man himself. To
defend one's rights and reputation,
to defend the honour of oneself and
one's family is itself a jihad and a
religious duty.
 From the spiritual point of view all the
'pillars' of Islam can be seen as being
related to jihad. The fundamental
witnesses, 'There is no divinity but
Allah' and 'Muhammad is the
Messenger of Allah', through the
utterance of which a person becomes a
Muslim are not only statements about
the Truth as seen in the Islamic
perspective but also weapons for the
practice of inner jihad.
• To perform the prayers with
regularity and concentration
requires the constant exertion
of our will and an unending
battle and striving against
forgetfulness, dissipation and
laziness. It is itself a form of
spiritual warfare.
• In the same way that with every breath
the principle of life which functions in
us irrespective of our will and as long
as it is willed by Him who created us,
exerts itself through jihad to instill life
within our whole body, at every moment
in our conscious life we should seek to
perform jihad in not only establishing
equilibrium in the world about us but
also in awakening to that Divine Reality
which is the very source of our
The Prophet said, 'Man is asleep and
when he dies he awakens'. Through inner
jihad the spiritual man dies in this life in
order to cease all dreaming, in order to
awaken to that Reality which is the origin
of all realities, in order to behold that
Beauty of which all earthly beauty is but a
pale reflection, in order to attain that
Peace which all men seek but which can
in fact be found only through the inner
• 3. Jihad Fi-sabilillah (Military
Jihad for the sake of God)
• Physical Jihad: This is combat waged in
defense of Muslims against oppression
and transgression by the enemies of Allah,
Islam and Muslims. We are commanded
by Allah to lead peaceful lives and not
transgress against anyone, but also to
defend ourselves against oppression .
• “Fight in the cause of Allah those
who fight you, but do not
transgress limits; for Allah loves
not transgressors.” 2:190
• This portion of the Qur'an was
revelaed in about 606 C.E., when
the Prophet Muhammad and his
followers were under attack in the
city of Medinah.
• The passage actually refers to a
defensive war. "You fight back. You
go as far as it takes to stop the
aggression but you do not go beyond
that. So if you have to, you go as far
as fighting verbally to get someone
out of your home--but you don't shoot
him after he is out. You don't keep
going on with it--only if you are
attacked, if there is an oppression
applied to you.”
 Jihad orders as in the
traditions of Prophet
Never Injure Prisoners of
Never Kill Animals
Never Destroy Crops
Never Destroy
 Never Mutilate Bodies of
Enemies dead or alive
 All Prisoners Given Fair
Women & Children
Protected From Harm
Always Bury All Dead With
Note: 1,400 Years BEFORE
Geneva Convention
Thankyou for your patience !
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