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“submission to the will of God”
Key Points:
Followers of Islam are called
They believe there is only one
God, they call him Allah
They believe God sent a number
of prophets to mankind to teach
them how to live according to his
Jesus, Moses and Abraham are
respected as prophets of god.
They believe that the final prophet
was Muhammad.
Their holy book is Qur'an which
must be wrapped and must not
touch the floor to show respect
There are 5 pillars of Islam to
follow the faith.
The 5 Pillars of Islam
Further beliefs
Muslims have 6 main beliefs:
belief that Allah is the one
and only God.
belief in angels.
belief in the holy books.
belief in the prophets.
belief in the day of
belief in Predestation.
Islamic faith states
that Allah is eternal,
omniscient and
Allah has no shape or
Allah is fair
A believer can
approach Allah by
praying and reciting
the Qur'an
Ramadan is the ninth month
of the Islamic calendar
when Muslims fast during
daylight hours.
The Qur'an was first
revealed during this month
Ramadan symbolises that
the gates of heaven are
open, the gates of hell are
closed and that devils are
chained up in hell.