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Why are they doing this?
The Goals
- The universe is governed
by a natural law, Karma.
Your actions have
consequences for you. If
you do something good,
something good may
happen, if you do
something bad something
bad may happen.
The Human Condition –
o Life of the Buddha
o 3 Marks of Existence
o Life is Dukkha (suffering)
o Dukkha is caused by Tanha
o Samsara (Cycle of Rebirth)
The Goals o Karma
o Nirvana
Nirvana = The Goal
In this part of the course we examine what Buddhists
believe about how good human life could be.
We’ve learned about what karma is and how it is
through building up good karma we can get closer to
being happy. But happiness isn’t just about having good
things happen to you. It’s not like Tesco club points,
oh no, according to Buddhists it’s much, much more
than that.
But what is the Buddhist idea of happiness?
Nirvana = The Goal
The Buddhist goal is to achieve Nirvana. This is
considered to be true happiness and the complete
cessation of all suffering.
However this is not to be
confused with the
Christian idea of Heaven.
It’s not a place where you
get everything you ever
wanted, or where you’re
reunited with loved ones.
It happens to you while
you’re still alive.
Make a table with ‘goals’ in one column and
‘the human condition’ in the other.
2. Put the following into the correct columns:
nirvana (Nirvana)
The three marks of existence
-karma (Karma)