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Identify Independent & Dependant Variables (IN NOTES)
1. You want to see if playing music makes plants grow taller.
2. Orchids were studied to determine if the amount of humidity affected the
flowering of these plants.
3. A florist wants to see if Product X will extend the life of cut flowers so that
they last longer.
4. A soap manufacturer wants to prove that their detergent works better to
remove tough stains.
5. A scientist want to study the diversity of soil bacteria found during different
months of the year.
6. Guinea pigs are kept at different temperatures for 6 weeks. Percent weight
gain is recorded.
7. The diversity of algal species is calculated for a coastal area before and after
an oil spill
8. Light absorption by a pigment is measured for red, blue, green, and yellow
9. An investigator hypothesizes that the adult weight of a dog is higher when it has
fewer littermates.