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Agriscience Unit 10 Worksheet
1. The transmission of characteristics from an
organism to its offspring through genes in
reproductive cells is known as:
2. Coded material in a cell that determines what that
cell and its successive cells will become is known
3. An example of biotechnology in livestock feed
production can be found when green plants are
converted to:
4. What do we call the use of cells or components of
cells to produce products or processes
5. When an offspring is an exact duplicate of its
parent, it is known as a:
6. What components of cells determine the
individual characteristics of living things?
7. What plants was Mendel studying when he made
his discoveries?
8. Mendel has been credited for creating the
foundation for the study of:
9. What does biotechnology use to produce products
or carry out processes?
10. The earliest method of livestock improvement
was probably by:
11. The hormone Bovine Somatotropine (BST) is
known for:
12. Plants are genetically altered to become resistant
13. DNA stands for:
14. What bacteria was genetically engineered to
produce insulin?
15. Genetics is known as:
16. A common synonym for offspring is:
17. Genes are comprised of:
18. The matching of genes to traits is called:
19. An example of biotechnology applications in
agriculture is:
20. DNA mapping is also called: