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Tiny particles floating in a fluid:
Red blood cells
White blood cells
***A type of connective tissue
Fluid/ liquid part of the blood
Mixture of water, minerals, nutrients,
sugars, and proteins
Red Blood Cells (RBCs)
Contain a protein called hemoglobin that
carries oxygen
The hemoglobin gives blood its red color
Pieces of larger cells from bone marrow
Clump together to form a plug
Releases chemicals to form fibers that turn
into blood clots (stop bleeding)
White Blood Cells (WBCs)
Help to defend the body against
Pathogens (germs) are bacteria, viruses,
or other particles that cause sickness
Some release antibodies, which are
chemicals that destroy pathogens
Others destroy damaged cells
Blood and temperature regulation
The brain sends signals for the blood
vessels in the skin to enlarge when the
body temperature is too high
The heat is lost through the skin and cools
the body
Blood Pressure
Force of the blood on the walls of the
The units for blood pressure are mm Hg
High blood pressure can lead to kidney
and heart damage