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Welcome to the
Here you will learn about……………
…..the unbelievable!
…..the wondrous!
…..the awesome!
…..the dangerous!
Tiny living things can be found anywhere…on your table, on
your hand…called Bacteria
There are over
ten times the
number of
bacteria for every
cells in our body
Bacteria compete to live in every
corner and crevice of earth and
…..the weird and bizarre!
….the terrifying!
The Angler Fish
gets its name from
the spine that
supports a lightproducing organ that
hangs from it’s head/
The fish uses
this light like
fishing bait to
attract its
A chemical process
produces a bluegreen light similar to
that of a firefly on
Sharks have the
most powerful jaws
on the planet.
Two-thirds of a
shark's brain is
dedicated to its
sense of smell.
A shark may grow and
use over 20,000 teeth
in its lifetime!
….the puzzling!
Fingerprints are impressions left by the human finger
Most criminal
investigations involve
the use of fngerprints
No two identical
fingerprints have ever
been found …
…unless they are from
identical twins!
You can outgrow your
shoes but not your
fingerprints as they
will stay the same no
matter how old you are
Koala Bear
fingerprints can
be mistakenly
identified from
that of a human
…and the answers to such
questions as….
Why are there no aspirin in
the jungle?
Because the parrots-eat’em-all.
What is an octopus?
An eight-sided cat.
Why don’t astronauts get
hungry after they are
blasted into space?
They’ve just had a big
Teacher-‘What is air?’
Pupil-‘A balloon with its
skin off.’
…..Let’s try some
experiments for ourselves