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Laboratory 8
Biology 101
Three domains of life: two are prokaryotic
An organism that lacks a membrane-enclosed nucleus
and other membrane-enclosed organelles
An organism that lacks a membrane-enclosed nucleus
and other membrane-enclosed organelles
• Unicellular microorganisms
• a few micrometers in length
• Numbers…
• 40 million bacterial cells in a gram of soil
• 1 million in a milliliter of freshwater
• Approximately 10x as many bacterial cells as human cells in the
human body – most on skin & digestive tract
• Approximately 5 nontrillion (5 x 1030) on earth!
Where are bacteria found?
• In the soil and water
• On and in our bodies
• In the air we breathe
• Critical to nutrient cycling as decomposers
• Some cause disease
• Vast majority are harmless, but half of all human diseases
are caused by bacteria
Anatomy of a Bacterium
• Some examples of
differences between
bacteria and
eukaryotic cells?
• Cell wall
• Capsule
• Ribosomes
• How could these
differences help fight
Types of microbial metabolism
Sickness: bacterial or viral?
Often similar symptoms with different pathways
Viruses are FAR more common
Antibiotic Resistance –
take all of your antibiotics, or else….
So what is a virus? (hint: It’s NOT a bacteria)
- non-living
- very small
- uses lipids and proteins taken from host
Ebola Virus – named after the Ebola River
Today in lab:
Bacterial Shapes
Colony Shape
Colony Color