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Faculty Web Pages:
Elegant Design with
Students in Mind
Mark Turner
Cuesta College
Main Focus:
How can we use a
web site to better
serve our students?
Small Group Discussion
1. What information/resources might
your students like to have
2. What information might
prospective students find helpful?
3. What resources would you, as
instructor, like to make available?
Web Site
Microsoft Word
Microsoft FrontPage
Adobe Acrobat
Creating PDF Files
1. In MS Word, check the Adobe
preferences. Go to the Adobe
PDF menu and select Change
Conversion Settings…
Make sure the boxes for View
Adobe PDF result and Prompt
for Adobe PDF file name are both
Creating PDF Files
2. To save an MS Word document as
a PDF file, select Convert to
Adobe PDF from the Adobe PDF
You can also use the Convert to
Adobe PDF button on the
PDFMaker toolbar or print using
the Adobe PDF printer option.
Creating PDF Files
3. Enter a file name, and be sure the
type is set to PDF. Click Save.
Acrobat will open and display the
new PDF file. You can check that
everything is correct and that the
file is formatted properly.
Linking To PDF Files
1. In your web page, link directly to the
file. For example:
<a href=“document.pdf”>Document</a>
2. Include an icon or text with the link
to identify the target as a PDF file.
Document (PDF file) or
Linking To PDF Files
3. If you link to PDF files from your
web page, also include a link to the
Adobe download page for Acrobat
Reader (free).
Scanning To PDF Files
1. From Adobe Acrobat, go to the File
menu, select Create PDF, then
From Scanner…
You can also click on the Create
PDF button on the toolbar, then
select From Scanner…
2. Select a scanner.
Scanning To PDF Files
3. Under Destination, click the first
button to create a new PDF
document, or click the second
button to add the scanned page to
an (open) existing document.
4. Click on Scan.
Scanning To PDF Files
5. Once the scan is completed, the
result will be imported to Acrobat.
Make sure you Save the PDF file.
Other Web Site Examples
Division web site
TI-83/TI-84 Tutorials